03/21/2017 Germany – heading east

Wednesday 21st March – Klingenberg – Germany

Another typical European day – overcast, cold but not raining. 

Looking forward to some sunshine again soon as we have not had the pleasure of sunshine since we left Dunkirk. 

We remember meeting with two very lovely British ladies when we arrived in Dunkirk in beautiful sunshine. 

They said they travel the continent regularly and “when the sun is shining, you stay put and lap up the sunshine as it does not happen very often”.  We think now that we can understand what they meant.

This does not stop us from exploring and making the best of every day even when it is cold, overcast and no sun!!    The countryside is so beautiful.

Today we again travelled for approx. 100kms and arrived in Klingenberg Germany. 

Our campsite is on the river but not one of our favourite spots to date. 

We took off for a short walk to the town centre and again ventured into the trusty “tourist information centre” in the middle of town. 

They advised us that we could get the illusive internet in a town called Worth just a short km away.  We headed off and along the way we discovered an Aldi store so decided to venture in and see what was to offer. 

We found some throw overs for our lounge and dining chairs (3) and then continued on our merry way to find this internet store.    Sadly when we finally found the store, they had nothing to offer that was a reasonable price and suggested either Aldi or Norma’s as an alternative.  We headed back to Aldi and with much difficulty purchased a package (but had no idea what we purchased).

Four hours later and a little tired, we came back to our safe haven and decided to leave the hook up until we were fresh the next morning.

Some words of wisdom to new travellers – make sure you have absolutely everything sorted in England before you head to the continent.  It will save you a lot of time and heartache.  We have been told from friends following our blog that Vodaphone is the best option for internet. 

Strangely we have not found one in our travels on the continent to date.  Also anything you wish to buy for your motorhome should be purchased in England before you head over.  It may cost you a little more but will save you hours of time hunting it out in the continent.

Thursday 22nd Match – Hammelburg – Germany

All too hard as when we found the help phone number and dialled the number, the operator spoke so quickly we had no way of understanding what she said. 

We decided to go back to the internet company we had visited the day before and ask for help.  They obviously spoke German fluently and knew all about the internet so this was our best chance.  A couple of hours later we were connected and headed off to Munster about 3kms outside of Dieburg where Krys’ parets were married and where Krys was born.

Beautiful little town, very modern and mostly very new.  Didn’t have an address where Krys was born nor did we have an address where her parents were married or lived so after a short visit we headed off again.

We are staying in a Stellplatz right in the centre of Hammelburg and did a walk through the town.  Strangely the first building we came to was an Irish Pub.  Was tempted to have a Guiness but decided to leave this until our visit to Ireland later on down the track.  We discovered a beautiful little town square and again because the sun was shining , the square was filled with chairs and tables ready for the local trade to soak up the sunshine.

Surprise, surprise – we found a Vodaphone store in the square – a little too late for us!!

Hope to take a ride on the bikes in the morning (if the sun is still shining) !!.

2 thoughts on “03/21/2017 Germany – heading east”

  1. Hi there, really good reading your notes of your adventure…we only spent a few days in Germany on the Rhine and loved it.
    Our first time in Europe we bought local sims for internet, which like you meant hours of time out of your day. “Our Tour” has a very informative article in Internet for motorhomimg….”3″ is by far the simplest and it is a real shame as their “Feel at Home” deal works so well, oh well when back in UK. Cheers

  2. Lovely hearing from you again. Krys great for you to see the town
    where you were born, sad that you did not have an address. It must have been very overwhelming for you.

    Hopefully your internet problems are solved!!

    Enjoy you bike ride & sunshine.

    Hannah & Sam xx

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