06/23/2017 Oldedalen Norway

Friday 23rd June – Oldedalen, Norway

Same same and no different – drizzle drizzle and more drizzle.  Still amazing scenery though most of the time, heavy cloud, mist and rain hampered any opportunity to take photos.   Stunning in bad conditions, we can only imagine how beautiful if we were lucky enough to snag a sunny day.

Passing through Ulvik and around to Olden, there was a lookout roadside (very rare to find) where the scenery was more than spectacular.

We drove to Briksdal Glacier from Olden but had absolutely no view of the glacier on arrival.  Time to chill out and find somewhere with some internet and wait out the rain (if possible).

Our campsite Gryta sits on the Oldevatnet and boasts a rating of 9 out of 10 on Campings.  We are 5 metres from an icy green waterway with views of snow topped mountains, waterfalls and of course Briksdal Glacier (somewhere under the cloud cover).  Sat in our 10 star Ziggy bus and watched for the first opportunity to take a photo.

Our overnight view towards Briksdal Glacier at Oldedalen

Internet is excellent here so my producer was able to download photos and catch up on editing and finalising another blog ready to post.

There are so many amazing things to do and see north of here so took the time to research and help with info for my driver for the next leg of our journey.

We have only seen one other motorhome with British number plates since we landed in France over 3 months ago???.

Saturday 24th June – Stryn, Norway

Woke up to a patch (only a small one) of blue sky over Briksdal Glacier so rushed out to take some shots.  Just as well as less than 30 minutes later the dark clouds began to cover the mountain again. 

Weather forecast said overcast only so took a chance and drove the fifteen minute trip up the mountain to view the glacier.

Once parked (50 NOK fee) we headed up the mountain – 3kms uphill pretty much all the way – or you could take the easy way out and catch a troll car for a sum of money.  Excellent track up and so many people opted to take the walk which was great to see.  We certainly needed the exercise as the rain had slowed down our exercise routine for quite a few days.  Certainly not many bike riding opportunities here.

We passed by some stunning waterfalls only a few metres away and with a small breeze blowing, we could not escape getting a little wet from the spray.  Saw a small patch of blue sky occasionally so continued up hoping so much that the rain would stay away.

On our hike up to Briksdal Glacier

At every corner the view was getting better and we snapped happily just in case the weather changed.  45 minutes later we were standing in awe right at the bottom of the glacier.  The beautiful pale blue of the ice was astonishing.  The lake of melted ice at the tongue of the glacier being the same colour.   We stood there for a while hoping for some blue sky but didn’t happen so headed back down.

Briksdal Glacier

So happy we made the effort – it was so worth it.

Stopped at Kiwi supermarket for some meat and fruit and veg – $200 later and not a lot to show for it!! 

We found a great wild camp spot on the fjord just a few kms past Stryn.    Decided not to continue any further today as the weather forecast for tomorrow looked very promising.  The plan was to get up really early and beat the tourists to the wonderful places we had planned to see tomorrow.

Our overnight view near Stryn

Sunday 25th June – Isfjorden, Norway

Sunshine – yeah!!!!!!

Headed off at 7am without any breakfast (first time we have done that).  Wanted to get going and worry about food later.  We have so much to see today.

It is so amazing how good we felt to see some sunshine for a change – scenery takes on such a fresh look and feel about it.

Our first stop was at Geiranger Skywalk at Mt. Dalsnibba.  One of the most talked about scenic tourist destinations in Norway. And Europe’s highest fjord view from a road.  The toll road Nibbevegen (130 NOK) takes a sharp turn off highway 63 and soon we were climbing steeply.

On the road to Mt Dalsnibba

Lost count at the number of hairpin bends Ziggy negotiated and am sure she was happy to take a rest at the top.  The road up took us past snow a couple of feet deep on the roadside and past a frozen lake.  It is the highest viewing spot in Norway.  Snow capped mountains for as far as you could see and views down to Geirangerfjorden where we could see ships travelling on the waterways.  A truly beautiful place and we had sunshine!

Frozen lake on the road to Mt Dalsnibba
View from Mt Dalsnibba

Next we stopped at Flydalsjuvet (juvet translated is canyon).  There are two viewing levels joined by a gangway.  This is one of the most popular photography points in Norway.  The view is of the beautiful tourist town of Geiranger way down in the valley nestled between mountains and fronting Geirangerfjorden.  We can see a massive cruise ship in the harbour. 

Cruise ship right at end of Fjord

My driver took time out and sat in the captains chair overlooking this amazing view.

The Driver’s chair

Next we arrived in Geiranger and watched ferries taking passengers off the cruise ship to shore and transporting them to the dozen or so coaches waiting for them – no doubt their destination would be Geiranger Skywalk.

We were now on the famous Trollstigen Mountain Road which led us to us to viewpoints including Geiranger Panorama. 

Buses, mobile homes, cars, motor bikes took up every spot in the massive car park – tourists were everywhere.   A pathway led tourists through shops and then up to the viewing platforms one being at the top of a magnificent waterfall. 

Trollstigen Visitor Centre

The view down the valley showed the famous Trollstigen Pass Road claimed on the Internet as being one of the worlds most dangerous roads.  Mostly one lane, the numerous hairpin bends and steep roads are navigated by buses, motor homes and cars by the thousands daily.  From here we watched huge buses navigate corners with little room to spare for themselves let alone another vehicle.  Very scary to watch.

Some of the bends on the Trollstigen Pass Road

We then ventured down this road ourselves – heart in hand.  My skilful driver and Ziggy took us to the bottom where I had a big sigh of relief.


Gudbrandsjuvet – Valldal

What a truly wonderful two days we have been fortunate enough to experience.

Now settled in at our camp spot at Isfjorden (once again right on the Fjord) we look forward to hopefully a few more days of sunshine.











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  1. Sounds like you have a great driver Krys..ha. How beautiful all you are seeing…lovely part of the world. Keep enjoying. Love J&J x

    1. John and Janice
      Good to hear from you
      the driver is only as good as the navigator makes him
      Keep your eye on the ball – low down, slow down and stay down – not sure what a bowl looks like now
      Regards Rob and Krys

  2. Wow…Wow…amazing. Absolutely stunning photographs. Breathtaking!!
    Another great chapter in your trip of a lifetime.👏🏼👏🏼

    What a wonderful world we live in…..Hannah 😘😘

    1. Hannah and Sam
      Good to hear from you
      Have a proper camera but too lazy to use it
      All the shots have been taken with the IPhone as it is so easy to use and so compact – just put it in the pocket when we go riding
      Keep safe and healthy
      Regards Rob and Krys

  3. Rob & Krys,
    Just letting you know, our emails to you are bouncing back.
    Tried so many times today.

    1. Hannah and Sam
      Have found out there was a problem with our ISP in Australia
      Don’t know how many important emails we didn’t get
      Regards Rob and Krys

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