06/26/2017 Bud Norway

Monday 26th June – Bud, Norway

Heard the rain through the night so decided to have a lay in this morning.  Very bleak outside, but the weather forecast said it was going to be otherwise. So ever hopeful for a change, we trundled off after a late breakfast and shower.

Not a lot on the agenda today, so slowly headed towards Bud on the West coast which is the beginning of the famous Atlantic Road.

Today, the weather continually changed from rain to a bright sunny day and then back to rain – a never changing story.  The weather just did not know what it wanted to do.

Roads were excellent so a very peaceful and non stressful day was appreciated by my driver.  Still lots of tunnels, bridges and of course a short ferry ride.   Most of the road tolls in this part of Norway have been lifted but not ferries and at each ride another $30 to $40 is taken from the credit card.  They are the best option by far and we do not begrudge using this service as it saves so much time and fuel if you try to avoid them. 

Bud is a quaint little fishing village and our spot on the marina is just delightful.  We look across at weathered waterfront homes, fishing co ops, restaurants and of course all sorts of fishing boats.  Seagulls swooping happily and many have made nests in the old waterfront sheds. 

Our overnight view in Bud

Visited the Bud Museum (Romsdalmuseet) and Ergan Coastal Fort.  Many of the bunkers constructed by the Germans in this mountain during WWII are still there overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.  They were built between 1941 and 1945.  Didn’t get into the museum itself as it closed at 5pm after we arrived.    We strolled about the hill and saw the many bunkers and underground tunnels built into the mountain.  

One of the bunkers at the Fort/Museum

We are sitting here and it is nearly 11pm and the sun is still shining.  Really hard to get used to.  Will bring down the blackout shutters soon.  It is really hard to get to sleep when it is still daylight.

A quaint little fisherman’s café near our overnight spot

Love this little town, love this country, it really is so beautiful.

Tuesday 27th June – Vinjeora, Norway

Yep – guessed it, another mixed weather day.  Tractor started its engines at 7.30 am right next to us and woke up all the motorhomes parked at the marina.  Guess it was going to be an early start today.

Did a big trip today starting with the Atlantic Road.  Scenery is very different to the Fjord’s we have been seeing.   The Atlantic Road begins at Bud and finishes at Kristiansund.  It  goes over eight bridges and connects several islands. 

An unusual bridge linking the islands on the Atlantic Road

A parking bay at one of the largest bridges allows for photos to be taken towards the ocean on one side and on the other side, the beautiful mountains and Fjord’s we had been experiencing over the last couple of weeks – a rainbow popped up while we were there.  Needless to say, it was overcast.

Just before Kristiansund we hit a toll tunnel 195NOK later and not long after a ferry from Kanestraum to Halsa set us back another 295NOK.  total for the day around $80.  Quite an expensive day so far.

Had lunch on the Halsa side and watched the ferries (all three of them running simultaneously) take vehicles back and forth.  Believe this ferry service stops at midnight. 

Too early to stop for the night and as it was raining, decided to getter a little closer to Trondheim today. 

Found this magic spot at a little village called Vinjeora right next to a restaurant that was closed for refurbishment – beautiful gardens and once again a magic view down Vinjefjorden.

Our overnight view at Vinjeora

There have been so many fantastic wild camping spots along the way.

Wednesday 28th June – Steinkjer, Norway

Hat on, sunnies on, sunscreen on and away we go.  Beautiful blue sky with no sign of the “R” word so won’t mention it by name.

We have left the snow capped mountains behind and are now down at sea level and heading a little east.  The roads are great now but after going through Trondheim, we hit a toll road and counted at least three tolls on the same highway E6.  Could have been more that we didn’t see as they are all automatic.   Last count was NOK170 but probably more.

The countryside takes on a new look with lush green fields for grazing and farmland.  Massive hay bales are dressed in white plastic and scattered over every field.  They look like giant sized shiny white marshmellows.  From a long way away they look like sheep grazing in green paddocks.

Didn’t stop in Trondheim as big towns mostly do not interest us.  Roadworks happening everywhere which gave our sat nav a few headaches.  Decided as it was such a glorious day, we would travel further today as we are keen to get to our final destination at Nord Kapp. 

Travelled mostly around countryside that reminded us of Tasmania – mountains, green pastures and magnificent waterways.  Only difference being the rust red painted cottages with A line roofs and attics that dominated the landscape.  Think at least 80% of cottages in the country are either rust red or white.  Looks fabulous against the green backdrop.

We are camped at Paradisbukta, Steinkjer which is right on the beach.  A very popular spot for the locals who flocked to the beach all through the afternoon and until late.  Can’t believe the locals are in summer gear and swimmers and are actually swimming. 

Our overnight view at Steinkjer

It was 13 degrees this morning and we are in long sleeves and jumpers even though it is a beautiful sunny day.

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  1. You must have overtaken us in your northwards progress by now. We spent eight days ambling around the Lofoten Islands then, catching the ferry from Lødingen to Bognes, started wending our way back south a couple of days ago.

    1. Gayle
      I had an ego thing about going to NordKapp – wish I didn’t – it is a long way
      We decided to go back through Finland
      Probably should have turned south where you did or gone back through Sweden – next time???
      Regards Rob and Krys

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