10/13/2017 – Zeltingen Germany – 50th Anniversary on the Mosel

Friday 13th and Saturday 14th October

We are now looking for a campsite for two nights.  Criteria was it had to be picturesque, along a river, a town with some good restaurants to choose from and of course a good bikeway for this novice to enjoy.  Stopped at a few potential spots along the way but being very fussy about choosing a really good one, so moved on a few times until we arrived here.

Our campsite for two nights:  Zeltingen/Rachtig

We saw this spot back in March when we were headed for Poland but did not have time to stop here.

Filled all the criteria and again we got the 5 star spot in the front row overlooking the Moselle with the village right across the road.  Very pretty little village with lots of character, though no historic buildings.

Here we are in Zeltingen – 1 Aussie Moho and 40 or so German Mohos – Ziggy is in the shade 2nd from bottom on right

It was a warm day though still overcast so the bikes came off and we set off.  Travelled to the town of Bernkastel-Kues around 12 kms away and spent a few hours exploring.  The hub for river cruises, it was so busy with tourists.  Really a great place and would like to have stayed longer but it was now 4pm and was time to head back. 

Village of Bernkastel- Kues with vineyards in the background

Cheated on the way back with a little help from my pedal assist electric bike but a real achievement for me.   I envy Rob who looks so at ease on his bike.

Looking towards Bernkastel-Kues
Hotel in Bernkastel-Kues

Woke up to a foggy day, couldn’t see more than a metre or so into the river.  Today was our special day – fifty years to the day we met and 45 years married.  Our anniversary and the real reason for trying to find somewhere special to celebrate.

Rob and Krys celebrating 50 years together in Zeltingen

Zeltingen has many rose gardens in the Main Street and right outside Ziggy was a rose bush with one red rose in bloom – quickly picked and placed on the table for breakfast.

Or maybe this is Rob and Krys celebrating 50 years in Zeltingen

The fog lifted and the most beautiful blue cloudless sky replaced it.  Set off on foot after lunch to explore the town and to find a restaurant with atmosphere for tonight.  The twin villages of Zeltingen and Rachtig join at a bridge on the Moselle and both had restaurants to look at.  Long story short, after 2 hours of walking, the Spanish restaurant we were keen on closed last year, so good excuse to stop at the replacement and have a pint before returning back to Ziggy.

Couldn’t find one with real atmosphere but had a great meal and some super local wine.   The menus here have two pages of food choices and 10 pages of wine selections.

Sunday 15th October

Headed off early next morning, with fog thicker than the day before. 

The temperatures have been so much milder over the last few days, we are hoping for more of the same.  All the prime places along this river are full of German motorhomes and by midday, most are full to capacity.  Bit like at home, where most of the retired people travel before or after school holidays.

Our campsite for tonight Sonninsel, Minheim

Fog still thick when we arrived here, it was difficult to see any view.  Within a couple of hours it lifted and again another magnificent cloudless blue sky appeared. 

Our front row view of coal barge at Minheim on the Mosel

Again took off on the bikes for hours only stopping along the way for refreshments before heading off again on one of the prettiest stretches of river and villages to date. 

Our waterfront watering hole at Piesport on the Mosel with Krys donning bike helmet on the left

Watched a Viking ship full of guests make their way along the river at Piesport. 

A Viking ship on the Mosel at Piesport

Lots of walkers, bikers and past a wedding venue where guests strolled along the paths past beautiful riverfront homes, restaurants and vineyards.

Didn’t realise till now how much you wouldn’t see if you didn’t have a bike.

Monday 16th October

Again a foggy day, we headed up the mountain into still heavier fog.  Couldn’t see much at all but eager with anticipation of another beautiful day ahead.

Our campsite for tonight: Reisemobilpark, Saarburg

We have left the Moselle River now with the intention of heading west towards England.  Ziggy is booked in on 31st October for service and MOT so with only two weeks to go, we need to travel toward France or Belgium soon.

Once leaving the Moselle, we travel through uninteresting large industrial towns until we arrive here on the Saar River. The fog is lifting and we are again blessed with picture perfect blue skies.

Off with the bikes and again after a few kms decide to cross the river into the village of Saarburg.  What a surprise – an old town with a castle and waterfalls running through the Main Street. 

Our lunch venue in Saalburg on the Saar River

Restaurants on both sides of the waterfalls and all fully packed out on Monday for lunch – would you believe!  After locking the bikes, we became part of the scene and enjoyed a super lunch before heading back for a well deserved rest.

Waterfalls through the middle of town and right next to the restaurants

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  1. Our congratulations to you 50th anniversary of love and living together for better and for worse. We wish you a lot of health and many nice times, travelling together.
    Best wishes ML&ROB and KAZIK&JOLA

  2. Hello Rob and Krys, what a lovely area you are in now……brings back some memories for us too as we travelled around that area…We are off to Singapore in a couple of weeks as it’ s our 60th anniversary, and don’t want a party,,,,,, Cheers for your anniversary. Ramsay & Barb

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