2018/06/22 – Germany – Stuttgart, Porsche and more

Friday 22nd June, Saturday 23rd June, Sunday 24th June

On the bucket list was a visit to Stuttgart to visit the Porsche Museum.  Found an ideal spot in Park 4 Night only a short walk away but the five spots there were already taken by cars.   This whole area is a motorhome nightmare with very few places to even turn around, let alone park.

We stopped in frustration and phoned Porsche directly.   Normally you have to phone ahead or go online to book a place in the Moho area.   We received directions on the phone to this area which is chained and with a password number to enter.

In the main street outside the Porsche Museum

The street name we were given took us down a one way single lane road beside a railway line.  On one side, cars were parked nose to tail the whole way leaving just enough room for one car to get by.   The bad news was that there was a half metre drop off on the opposite side beside the railway line.  We couldn’t turn around so had an extremely nervous ride where we were only cms between the parked cars on one side and the half metre drop on the other side.

Outside the Porsche Museum

Got to the end with no sign of the chained fence we needed.  Asked a few people who really didn’t help much so no tick in the box for this  bucket list item.  Not sure where we went wrong but the scary drive was enough  to make us move on.   Didn’t go back the same way!!! 

The Driver phoned the Porsche Sales Department and cancelled his order for the 911 Careera Turbot

Very impressive buildings as we drove by and took a couple of photos.  Hundreds of people everywhere and traffic was at a standstill even in the middle of a working day.

Ended up being a very long drive today so were extremely happy to find a place and settle down for a while.

Our campsite for three nights:  An Der Carnot’schen Mauer, Germersheim – GPS 49.219959N   8.377730E

Had three wonderful relaxing days here in this super little town.

The campsite is about five minutes walk to town in one direction and the same to the mighty Rhine river in the other.    Very pretty spot with great big beautiful shady trees and a credit to this town for supplying such a great spot.

Visited the tourist office first thing and armed with maps headed into town. This old garrison town is surrounded by a fortified wall with two impressive moated entry structures on two sides of the town.  It has its own military jail, garrison hospital and commandant’s headquarters still standing but now used for many other purposes.  Not a very large central town area but some beautiful parks.

One of the gates in the fortified wall

This area is famous for several bike ways, the most picturesque is the Veloroute which runs for 110 Kms with much of it along the Rhine.  The most scenic is the stretch from this town south to Worth.

Germersheim streetscape

Our longest bike ride took us from Germersheim to Leimersheim – a return distance of about 30kms. 

Our drink/food stop while cycling near Germersheim

We took a wrong turn which added a few extra kms to the ride.  Rewarded ourselves with a long stop at a small restaurant on the Rhine near the Ziegelei Museum where the Navigator was introduced to a Radler – like our shandy in a bottle.  Just what the doctor ordered – may never have a straight beer again 😄

Did several rides over these days each time finishing with the 10 km ride back to this restaurant where you could sit and watch the boats go by.

Sunday was festival day where the local African people set up a stage on the waterfront and entertained the crowd with some of their local music and dancing.  Quite a large contingent of Africans here.

African group performing on the Rhine

Highly recommended for cyclists (even the less experienced like the navigator).

Monday 25th & Tuesday 26th June

Happy birthday Chris.  Good to see you have a great friend in to create a feast for a King (and queen) on your special day.  Hi Eli – my you are growing up so quickly and talking so well now.

Did not travel very far today and after leaving the Black Forest and all its beautiful scenery we are now bordering the Pfalzer Forest which is renowned for its vineyards.

There are tons of Weingut’s (vineyards) to choose from to stay and it was difficult making a final choice. 

Our campsite for two nights:  Wengut Eberle, Burrweiler – GPS 49.246712N   8.080760E

This site only has three spots but the area set aside for Mohos includes tables and chairs in a beautiful fruit tree garden setting overlooking acres and acres of vineyards and little villages dotted everywhere in the distance. 

Grapes, grapes and more grapes at Burrweiler

The village a short walk away is very small but quaint and has only a couple of small shops.  Think Monday is their “ruhig day” (closed rest day) as we did not sight a person anywhere.   The family here were very helpful and just lovely.  Electricity is included in the small cost (though we do not use it as our solar panels more than fill our batteries without it each day).  No other services except Internet which is super fast and a real bonus for the Driver.    I become an Internet widow when on the odd occasion we get a good internet service.

Ziggy is happy again as she had a super spring clean on the inside.  Fortunately she is really only one room – but a very well used room.

Lots of reading, internet and taking in the magic scenery for most of the two very relaxing days.