2018/07/06 – Germany – Down the Mosel – from South to North


We are back in Germany again and still think constantly about how lucky we have been to meet such wonderful people everywhere in our travels.  Starting way back in April last year with my family in Poland – Barbara, Piotr, Kornelia and Kamil who welcomed us into their home and hearts.

We enjoy writing to our new Polish family and our new European friends including Michael and Anne, Ralf and Martina, Marie-Louise and Robert, Michael and Pam, Debbie and Mike and Linda and David and thank you for making our journey so special. ❤️

Thank you also to our family and friends in Australia for keeping us up to date with local information and scuttlebutt.  We do miss you all.❤️

Friday 6th and Saturday 7th July

Crossed the bridge at Echternach in Luxembourg and we were back in Germany again.  We crossed borders between the two countries a couple of times as we moved towards our next destination.

Our campsite for two nights:  Am Den Zwei Pappeln, Ensch – GPS N49.827332   E6.835630

Back on the Mosel again, this campsite is set amongst vineyards and the Mosel.  Very shady with large nearly level pitches and lots of grass and shrubs in between.

Great biking here so took off through the vineyards and visited two small villages along the way before heading home.   Every man and his dog uses the bikeways and there is always people to meet and things to see along the way.

Directly opposite the campsite is the little village of Ensch which has a pedestrian and bike pass way to it that runs under the highway.  Everywhere we go, even though it is summertime, it is difficult to find people walking around the streets and most of these little villages look like ghost towns.  Only places you see people are in outdoor restaurants or on the bikeways.

There is a Hoffest (courtyard festival) advertised here for the weekend, so we are keen to join in the fun after dinner. 

This is only a very small village with only a little shop but the campsite is peaceful and quiet and just a great place to relax, read, bike ride and talk with the locals. 

The Driver at the Hofffest talking to the locals

The Hoffest was a hoot with all the locals here (about 80) as well as many from the campsite.  Only about five tents with long trestle tables and bench seats (beautifully decorated with flowers) which made for great communication.  The bar of course being the most popular with the food stall selling wursts  and other German delicacies for dinner, coming a quick second.  The two piece band started at 8pm and the tiny tots (about 4 years old) started the dancing).

This is one of the many things we enjoy the most – seeing their little villages and enjoying the local people who are so hospitable and friendly.

Could have stayed here forever but as the saying goes “life is too short” so we are keen to move on though at a much lesser pace and with no more long distances to travel planned.  Short is sweet!

Sunday 8th and Monday 9th July

Our campsite for two nights:  Reisemobilplatz Trittenheim – GPS N49.824310  E6.902990

It just gets better.  There are so many stellplatz’s along the Mosel to choose from and they get such high ratings and comments. It is difficult to choose and most are only a few kms apart.

Trittenheim is one of the larger villages and is in such a beautiful setting.  We sit on the edge of the Mosel and watch the pleasure craft go by.  Dredges taking goods up and down the river and cruise boats taking passengers to wherever.  Swans peacefully glide along the river and come up on the bank just in front of us. 

Nice architecture in Trittenheim

Across the river, the vineyards cascade down the mountainside for as far as you can see and in front of these, bikers can take the river bike way for hundreds of kms.

Took to the bikes and visited little villages along the river stopping at a Yachthaven at Neumagen Dhron (though no yachts only powered pleasure craft here) for a shandy.

Our view of the vineyards

Has been ideal weather over the last few days so have had the Aussie BBQ “German Style” most nights – though not sure how much longer my driver will be able to stomach the spiced meats 😱.

Tuesday – Saturday 10-14 July

Our campsite for four nights:  Sonneninsel Minheim, Minheim – GPS N49.865929   E6.941790

Such a breeze only travelling short distances as we travel along the Mosel.  Which Stellplatz today I ask?

We had such a wonderful time in Minheim in October, couldn’t go past this Stellplatz again.  Only a bike track separating Ziggy to the banks of the Mosel and again vineyards hugging the hills on the other side.   Grapevines are in full bloom now with young grape bunches starting to develop – certainly prettier now than in October where it was the end of the season.

It is now officially the silly season here (summer holidays) but so far we have still been able to get front row seats to the views though the number of Mohos in campgrounds and on the road has increased dramatically.  Think the secret is to arrive between 10.30 and 12.30 because after 2pm front row seats are rare.

Bike trails hug the river on both sides so spent the four days riding between villages on both sides.   Only a short distance away, crossing the bridge takes you to the really great village of Piesport.   There are a couple of Stellplatz’s closer where you can walk to the village but we opted for the quieter, shadier and greener spot at Minheim. 

Cycling over the bridge between Minheim and Piesport

We spent some wonderful hours last time at Piesport, sitting at the Moselblick Restaurant right on the banks and watching the boats go by.  Boat traffic was a little quieter this time as it was not the weekend.

Stopped here for  a beer whilst cycling near Neumagen

Biked a few more kms and landed back in Neumagan-Dhron.  We had biked there from Trittenheim the day before but entered the village from the other direction this time.  Again stopped at the Yachthaven for a beer before returning the 10kms back to Minheim.

Tourist traffic on the Mosel

Four great days of sunshine (though it is getting hotter by the day) and lots of biking left us exhausted but happy at the end of each day.

A really great Stellplatz and comes highly recommended.

Sunday – Tuesday 15-16 July

We are searching for shady spots now (would you believe it!). After spending more than 15 months of colder temps we are now searching for some shade as we are not accustomed to the sun any longer.

Our campsite for two nights:  Mosel Stellplatz Wintrich, Wintrich – GPS N49.883629   6.948370

This Stellplatz fit the bill nicely with row upon row of majestic tall trees along the riverfront and we found a spot that kept us in the shade for most of the day.

Wintrich village

Biked into Bernkastel-Kues around 12 kms away.  We visited here in October but were limited by time so could not do the village justice. 

Bernkastel Kues

This time we arrived before lunch and spent the afternoon here.  It is a tourist Mecca with larger river cruise boats using it as a stopover. 

Tourist boats getting ready to go at Bernkastel Kues

The old town on one side of the river is spectacular and was alive with tourists.  Such fairytale buildings with flower boxes In full bloom were in and around the town square.

Bernkastel Kues

Th main residential part is on the other side but again some great sights along the riverfront.

Villages pop up everywhere and it so enjoyable exploring them.

Stopped on the riverbank when we saw the most amazing castle on the riverfront on the other side.  Most castles are high on hills but this one was waterfront.

What a castle

Thankful to arrive back at Ziggy to find her still in the shade and crashed on the chairs for a well deserved rest.

Another highly recommended Stellplatz particularly if you want to visit  Bernkastel-Kues, though there is a day parking spot for Mohos within a short walk to the old town.