What is this website all about?

This site was started to record the details, in text, image and video formats of our trips around Europe by Motorhome.

It was intended to be for our records and so our family and friends could keep track of where we were.

However, as we gained tremendous help from other sites during our planning phase we decided to make it available for all to see so that others may gain a little information from us which could assist in their planning.

Some other blog sites record all their expenditures and dissect them so they know how much they have spent on diesel, oil, overnight accommodation, ferries, parking, food and beverages, tourism entrance fees etc and provide them in a nice pie chart,

They may even know how many times they have changed gears and some record how many sunny days, cloudy days and rainy days they have experienced – well that is not for us.

We are just in Europe to have a good time, visit as many countries as we can , meet as many nice people as we can and enjoy as much nice food, wine and beer as we can.

To record all that sort of information above would certainly be very time consuming and would detract from the enjoyment of the tour.

We are also slowly adding information from previous tours through Europe, North America, South America and South East Asia.

Who are we?

We are a retired Aussie couple, Rob and Krys Henshaw from Tweed Heads on the border between New South Wales and Queensland, Australia.

Our previous tours have been by hire car and hotels, hire car and B&Bs, car and caravan, hired motorhome and small group adventure tours.

Our 2017-2018 tour of Europe is the first tour we have done in a motorhome that we own.

We will be purchasing our Motorhome for the 2020 tour in Germany.