What is this website all about?

This site was started to record the details, in text, image and video formats of our trips around Europe by Motorhome.

It was intended to be for our records and so our family and friends could keep track of where we were.

However, as we gained tremendous help from other sites during our planning phase we decided to make it available for all to see so that others may gain a little information from us which could assist in their planning.

Our tours are about having a good time, visiting as many countries as we can, meeting as many nice people as we can and enjoying as much nice food, wine and beer as we can.

We are also slowly adding information from previous tours through Europe, North America, South America and South East Asia.

Who are we?

We are a retired Aussie couple, Rob and Krys Henshaw who live at Banksia Beach, Queensland.

Our previous tours have been by hire car and hotels, hire car and B&Bs, car and caravan, hired motorhome and small group adventure tours.

Our 2017-2018 tour of Europe was the first tour we have done in a motorhome that we owned.

Our first European motorhome, a Hymer, was sold in November 2018 even before we had returned to the UK for our flight home.

Whilst waiting at the airport for our flight home from London to Brisbane in December 2018, we were already searching the web for possible suitable motorhomes for our next European tour.

We had a few months at home before we booked out next flight from Brisbane to Frankfurt on March 21, 2020.

With the help of friends Ralf and Martina from Stelzenberg, Germany, we began looking for our next motorhome, in earnest.

They found a really great Mobilvetta “A” class motorhome in Frankfurt, with the added bonus that it was full fitted out with all the accessories and utensils we could possibly need for an extended European tour.

They picked the motorhome up for us by the end of January 2020 and put it into storage at their home.

Of course COVID19 struck and we weren’t able to fly to Frankfurt in March 2020 as planned.

After further false starts we finally rebooked again to leave Brisbane on March 7, 2021 thinking that the COVID problems would be all sorted out by then.

March 7 2021 approached and we left our decision as long as possible and finally cancelled that trip as well and we are still in Australia and the Mobilvetta is still in storage at Stelzenberg.