Skiing in Hopfgarten, Austria

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We flew Qantas from Brisbane to Frankfurt in mid December 2001 and picked up the hire car we had prearranged 3 months beforehand.

We specifically requested an Opel automatic, however we were supplied a Citroen manual, so much for booking 3 months in advance.

We believed an Opel would come with a big “D” for Deutschland sticker on the rear end, but the Citroen had an “F” for France sticker instead.

On previous driving trips in Europe we had witnessed the jostling between the cars from different countries and thoughthe “D” was the preferable option.

Being used to driving a RHD auto in Australia and on the left side of the road I didnt want to switch to a maual LHD on the right hand side, however as it was a Saturday night and we had no accommodation booked we took what we could get.

We drove out of the rental company straight on to an icy freeway, in the dark and trying to shuffle gears on the “wrong side” whilst being overtaken by Beemers and Benzes going very fast.

We arrived back in Australia on January 15,2002.