Motorhome Tour of Western Canada

Under construction February 2017

Motorhome tour of Western Canada

We flew Qantas from Brisbane to Los Angeles on 13th August 2013 landing around 07:00 and then transferred to a connecting Alaskan Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Tacoma International in Seattle which left at 10:40 and arrived at 13:00.

We then caught a taxi from the airport to the Cruise America motorhome depot in Tecoma to pick up our motorhome for a 2 week tour around western Canada

The motorhome was a V8 petrol engine with cab over double bed, auto trans, 2 wheel drive, ABS brakes, power steering, cruise control, , toilet, shower, microwave oven, generator, gas/electric fridge, air conditioner, 3 gas cooktop and had done a stack of miles and wandered all over the road – it was a nightmare to drive