Our 2020 European Tour

We have booked our flights for our next European tour (one-way tickets) again.

We figured the best way to overcome our “Post Europe Blues” was to return to Europe.

This time we are flying to Frankfurt Germany and not London.

The current plans are to buy a motorhome in Germany and visit some of the sites we did not visit in 2017-2018.

So now the planning starts again – getting excited already

14 thoughts on “Our 2020 European Tour”

  1. I gather you guys have a European residency and a fixed address there to buy and register/insure a MH. I will follow your progress with interest.

    1. Hi Chris:
      Thanks for the response
      Yes, my wife Krys has an EU ID card and a European Passport, both valid for another 9 years, which she was able to arrange whilst on our 2017-18 tour and we have also arranged for a German Resident’s card and a German residential address.
      If that doesn’t work out we will buy in the UK again but we are a bit put off by what all the unknowns are with Brexit
      Last time I heard from you was about 18 months ago and I think you were looking at buying a Moho in France via a company arrangement
      How did that all go?
      Regards Rob

      1. A few medical issues have delayed the dream at the moment. Still on the books but now maybe a year or so away. Probably a good thing with the uncertainty of Brexit and where the A$ winds up. So in the meantime will follow your exploits. Should check out http://www.eurocampingcars.com as alternative but they only cater for French sold vehicles.

    1. Davorin:
      Thank you for the response
      We talk about you guys a lot
      I am still trying to recover from the raw meat and the “moonshine” you got me in to so much trouble with in Vrbje.
      When we know what our plans are next year I will send you an email to see if we might meet up again somewhere next summer if you are going to be out and about in your Mohos again
      Please say hello to Mojca, Darko and Veruska for us
      Kind Regards
      Rob and Krys

  2. Nice one! We bought our van in Germany also and on our third year now but return to Oz during European winters.

    1. Mark and Kerstin:

      Thank you for the reply
      Would be interested to learn more about your travels
      Do you have a blog site or anything similar

      Kind Regards
      Rob and Krys

    1. David and Linda:

      Thank you for the reply and thank you for all the information about your Chausson
      We had a look at your model on Youtube – there are quite a few good reviews available there
      They say only 1 gas bottle can be installed – is that the case and if so have you been able to manage ok on just the one?
      Kind Regards
      Rob and Krys

    1. Katherine and James:

      Thank you for your reply
      Wow – we were really surprised to read about the problems you had a while ago with your Moho – you were certainly very patient people – but that is the British way – not so these days in Oz.
      The convicts got a real touch up by the Brits in the semi final of the cricket last night
      We were up watching the cricket and the tennis till 04:30 this morning
      Enjoy your travels
      Kind Regards
      Rob and Krys

  3. That’s very good news !! When do you arrive in Europe ?? We hope you also will visit Lipce Reymontowskie in Poland. You can be sure several kinds of wodka are waiting for you !!
    Marie-Louise & Rob , Kazik & Jola

    1. Marie-Louise & Rob, Kazik & Jola:

      Great to hear from you again
      Trust you are all well
      We arrive in Frankfurt around March 24 and hope we will have a short list of prospective Mohos to purchase by then.
      We would love to vist with you again, if not in Lipce Reymontowskie, then maybe somewhere on the road during your travels
      We intend to go to Krys’ grand-niece’s wedding in Biala Podlaska in September 2020 so we should be able to cross paths at some time
      Your “special vodka” sounds good
      Kind regards
      Rob and Krys

  4. Would love to be travelling again………lucky you. Hope all goes well, you have a lot of practice so it will be plain sailing with you next adventure. Must catch up for a drink before you set sail. Cheers, R an B

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