Catch Up Photos (1)

Monday 10th April 2017

We have been in Europe for a month now and we haven’t posted any photos – one of the problems we have had is that the original Sim Card we had in our Ipad would not come out of the little tray that holds it in the slot in the Ipad

Several shops had tried in vain to remove with no luck but today in Skierniewice a little Polish muscle was able to remedy the situation

So we also were able to buy a Polish Telecom Sim Card with 10MB data for the equivalent of $AUD 8

Our special deal from Telstra Australia gave us 1.5MB data as part of our $195/month package – the saving grace being we can make an unlimited number of phone calls to any country as part of the package – this has been great as we have had to call Westpac on numerous occasions with problems with our accounts and have been on the phone to them for as long as 2.5 hours at a time (mostly on hold) – we had our internet banking account scammed but Westpac were great in fixing the situation

If we go over our 1.5 MB/month allowance with Telstra the charge is $30/MB extra – if we weren’t on their premium package the charge would be much higher – we don’t regret being on the expensive package as we use the phone for heaps of calls

We couldn’t believe how cheap the Polish Telecom packages are – we were told by the people we are currently staying with on a farm that the rate of pay for shop assistants and similar type of employees is around $AUD  2/hour – whether night time, day time, week days, Saturday or Sunday

So please find below a few of the first batch of catch up photos:-

Dunkirk Waterfront
Saint Hubert
Saint Hubert
Pirna on the Elba
Krys on hike at Mandershied
McCaulife’s Monument at Bastogne







5 thoughts on “Catch Up Photos (1)”

  1. Hi Krys and Rob,

    It’s great to hear your news and we are always interested. You’ve already covered lots of places we haven’t been to, and you’ll soon be with rellies, I think. Good to see the photos and it’s a shame you had so much trouble with the sim card. Keep well and happy. Cheers Jill

    1. Jill and Norman
      Great to hear from you – we have just arrived in Warsaw and are staying right in the heart of the old town so plenty to see
      Catching up with Krys’ niece this afternoon who goes to Warsaw University
      Krys just received notification that her Polish citizenship has been approved after nearly a year. Next step passport application- we could be here a while
      Kind regards
      Rob and Krys

  2. Hi Krys and Rob,

    We enjoy catching up with your journey and you’ve covered many places we wish we had seen. Shame about the sim card problem, but at least it’s sorted now before you get to the rellies. Cheers Jill

  3. Lovely to see some photos. The architecture is just beautiful.
    Hopefully the weather gets a little bit warmer.
    Krys, have a wonderful catch up with your family.
    Glad you finally have some internet….. Safe travels.
    Really enjoying your blog.
    Hannah & Sam

  4. Mandersfield looks amaze balls. What a lovely little building over the river. Does look a little chilly.
    Ziggy looks happy parked by the lake.
    Blue is your colour mum.

    Kocham Cię

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