08/22/08/2017 Lebus Germany (but only just in Germany)

Tuesday – Wednesday 22-23rd August – Lebus, Germany

Campsite for two nights: Ausflugsgastatte Anglerheim

Back into Germany now and decided to spend a few days in the countryside before going into the big smoke of Berlin.  Travelled south from the border to a little town called Lebus which is on the Oder River.  Passed along many tree lined roads on the way.

This free campsite is just magical and can accommodate many motorhomes and cars.  When we arrived, there were two German motorhomes there.  Located right on the Oder river with just a large green grassed area between Ziggy and the river.  The Anglerheim Restaurant fronts the car park and over the two days was really popular with the locals for both lunch and dinner.  It has a great outdoor area so we took advantage of this and enjoyed a couple of beers late afternoon and then ventured into the restaurant which was fitted out with German artefacts and waitresses wearing traditional outfits.  First time since our disastrous episode with the smoked fish, that we ordered fish for dinner.  Salmon and mackerel was just amazing – and no bones (plus sauerkraut of course).

The inside of the Anglerheim where we had dinner

Lebus is right smack in the middle of a bike track that goes north or south forever along the Oder River.  A kind of backpackers style Accommodation in this little town is focused on bikers who travel for days along this bikeway, most who also carry basic camping gear on their bikes.

Strange to watch anglers on our side of the Oder, (in Germany), casting their lines out in to the middle of the Oder and watching other anglers on the other side of the Oder (in Poland) casting their lines out in to the middle of the Oder – 2 different countries and currencies but maybe not languages, customs and cultures so much as the borders between these countries has changed so often over the years.

Decided to stay another night here and do our first big bike ride for a while.  Set off after breakfast – again my best friend opting to go by manpower alone while his navigator again taking battery power (just in case!!!).  The bike track was amazing – bitumen all the way and reasonably flat.  Through the countryside on one side and the river on the other we pedalled for over 20kms and though absolutely breathtaking scenery but did not come across that little village we wanted to stop at and have a pint or two and mix with the locals.  Mostly all farm land here.  Came back a little tired so stopped for a rest for a while and padlocked up the bikes and then ventured up into the little town by foot.

The beer garden where we had a few “Schwarz Bier” (black beers)

Robbed the bank of some euros and headed back to Ziggy for some well deserved R & R.  Sat and watched the multitudes of bikers come and go – most stopping at the restaurant for coffee and ice cream before heading on to wherever.

Next morning, we saw Milo and Otis going for a stroll. Tickled my fancy watching owner and dog going for a walk with the cat a couple of paces behind.  So unusual seeing cat and dog going together for a stroll.

Just loved this great camp and would highly recommend it.

Thursday 24th. August, – Muncheberg, Germany

Spent a few minutes speaking with Barbara and Ramsay – Ramsay’s 86th birthday today – happy Birthday Ramsay, so glad you had such a great day with friends – we then headed off after a slow and relaxing start to the day.

Didn’t travel very far today as we planned to spend another night outside of Berlin and then venture in tomorrow for the weekend.

Campsite for tonight: Parkplatz Muncheberg, Muncheberg, Germany

After a couple of bad choices for our overnight campsite and some not so forgiving cobble stone roads – (Ziggy just hates these and so does the driver), – we found Parkplatz Muncheberg.  Just outside of the CBD of this small town, there is a great Parkplatz which is away from the hustle and bustle of  town but only a few minutes walk to the centre. 

Our overnight spot just outside the walled city – on our own again – amazing only 50 klm from Berlin

There are lots of spaces, but again we are the only ones here.  We needed to buy a new bike pump as the one we brought with us from Australia only succeeded in letting the air out of our bikes instead of the opposite.  Found a bike shop and invested in one that did the right thing.

Muncheberg was a walled town only 50klm from Berlin which had 2 city entry gates and this is one
This is the other entry gate

Made friends with a little girl – 6 years old who was very intrigued with Ziggy and rode round and round us for ages before stopping to talk to us.   She only spoke German so our conversation was quite amusing but she was just delightful and we really enjoyed trying out our limited German with her.  She smiled many times and shrugged her shoulders when she couldn’t understand us.  So cute but we were concerned why she was out on her own on her bike talking to strangers.

Next morning she appeared with her whole family who ventured out on bikes together.

Another really lovely little town with some very unusual buildings.


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  1. All looks so beautiful .You are certainly seeing some great places…just keep enjoying.Love to you both have a great birthday Rob. XX

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