09/09/2017 Bratislava Slovakia

SLOVAKIA – Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th September

We passed through the Czech, Austrian and Slovakian borders all within a few kilometres – 3 different countries, 3 different languages, 3 different cultures, 2 different currencies and 2 different Vignettes required for Ziggy

There was one border check where all vehicles were stopped – we had our Passports out but as soon as they saw the 2 old grey heads with GB registration and Aussie stickers we were waved straight through without having to stop – not so for all the other vehicles.

Decided as we were so close to Slovakia we would venture back because we did not see everything we wanted to see when we were here in mid May.

Our trip in Slovakia was cut short when we were called back to Poland to complete another step in getting my passport and citizenship finalised.

Camping place for Saturday & Sunday:  Parking Danubio, Bratislava

Very impressed with NAVIE, our new Sat Nav.  Her instructions are super and so easy to follow. 

Bratislava has a population of around half a million, has been the capital of the Slovak Republic since 1993 and part of the European Union since 2004.

The UFO Bridge – one of a few over the Danube

Bratislava is divided by the Danube river making the road system a maze of twists and turns around the bridges.  A tourist drivers nightmare.   I listened to NAVIE issue at least 10  minutes of instructions without drawing breath and wondered how my driver could follow them all. 

Old Town street scene

All comments on our APPs rate this place highly and we were not disappointed.  A free camping and parking area right on the Danube with views across the river to Old Town and the beautiful castle high on the hill.  There are several motorhomes here so feels very very safe.  Police on foot patrol at night. 

One of the floating restaurants in front of Ziggy where we had dinner one night

Two restaurants on boats moored in the river – are only metres away.  Obviously this is a city visited by the river boats – eg AAPT and from where we sit, there are 4 of these on the other side coming and going.

Night time is spectacular with the castle on the hill and two bridges fully lit as well as the buildings in Old Town.

Visited Old Town on Sunday morning – very quiet compared to Saturday.  Not  a huge amount to see compared to what we saw in Prague and easily walked though Old Town in a few hours.

Old Town street scene and old driver

Had a wonderful dinner on one of the restaurant boats (which had its own micro brewery on board) on the “not so blue” Danube.  So pretty at night with all the sparkling lights across the river.

Dinner on board the floating restaurant with Bratislava Castle in the background

Left Slovakia for probably the last time ever on Monday morning and headed back across the border into Austria.  We really loved this little country.

Looking at Old Town at night from Ziggy

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  1. Your European Tour goes on and on !!! And on the pictures I see you also have nice weather.
    I am curious where you are going after Austria ! Will it be direction France ??
    We wish you all the best for you both and for Ziggy !!
    Marie-Louise and Rob in Poland.

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