10/04/2017 awash with wine on the German/French border

Wednesday 4th & Thursday 5th October

Weather has not been good for a few days now.  Some rain during most days and it is getting colder each day.  Can understand why many Stellplatz close at end of September. Maximum does not go above mid teens now and minimum most nights is single figures.  Our Doona is really warm and cosy so nights are not yet a problem, though might invest in flannelette sheets soon.  Still looking for slippers for Rob.

Gas heating works a charm so the odd blast of hot air is really appreciated from time to time to warm things up quickly.

Our campsite for two nights: Reisemobilpark Turm & Kristelle, Dietingen/Rottweil

ThyssenKrupp Tower

With one of the highways closed near our destination, NAVIE took us right through the middle of Rottweil.  The centre of town is a real picture.  The camera came out and happily snapped whenever we could to capture the wonderfully colourful and restored historic buildings.

Just outside Rottweil stands the 246m high ThyssenKrupp Tower, Germany’s highest observation deck.  Currently under refurbishment so could not take the lift to the top.

A typical German user pays terminal which can take 8 power leads – for 50c you get 1 kw 0f power – wake up caravan parks in Australia

Dietingen is only 3 kms away from Rottweil with a wide bikeway between the two towns.  The Stellplatz is only a short walk to the small town and houses the mineral and Fossils Museum “World of Crystals” at one end.  Really well set up Stellplatz in a rural setting.  Museum is only open a couple of days a week and only for a couple of hours.

The Internet speed was excellent (has been hard to find anywhere) so took advantage whilst it was raining.  Really quaint little town with well kept large homes, a church and a couple of businesses.  Pretty much an outer suburb of Rottweil.  It was bitterly cold and the wind was so strong we opted not to do the bike ride into Rottweil.

Friday 6th October & Saturday 7th October

Still wet and cold when we left and drove most of the way through rain squalls.

Traffic was horrendous with roadworks and stop start traffic particularly through the main towns.  Should have taken no more than two hours but took more than three.

What a find this place is.

Our campsite for two nights: Weingut/Weinstube Geiger, Dierbach

Just on the outskirts of this little village, set behind a Winery, there are five level terraces with large spots overlooking acres and acres of vineyards.  For €10 per night you got a coupon to the value of €4 to spend on wine or food in the restaurant which is only open on Friday and Saturday nights, free electricity and water and grey and black water disposal.  Internet is also free but you can only get this on the first and second level terraces which were fully booked out by a group.

Sat in the bar and did some wine tasting during the afternoon.  Wine cost was so inexpensive and the quality was excellent.  A really good white priced at €3 for a one litre bottle and a little more for a great red.  Several to choose from to suit all taste buds.

Though our cellar was really full, we bought 6 of each and a couple of their cream coffee liqueurs for €9.

Just had to have dinner there as well – a real hoot.  Restaurant opened at 6pm and was fully booked out by 6.05pm.  Best guess around 80 Germans, eating, drinking and singing in their best voices accompanied by two piano accordions. Dinner was traditional German cuisine with most dishes made of pork, roast potatoes and of course sauerkraut.  Even The Driver ate the sauerkraut.  I think we left around 10pm and the place was still packed.

Ventured into the small town for a walk mid morning.  Lots of other places in town offering wine tasting but very little else apart from homes, some accommodation, a town hall and sporting field.

Came back for lunch but soon after the rain came down again so the bike ride through the vineyards was postponed.

Typical German road side honesty box for eggs and other local produce

Took the opportunity to do some long needed washing and housework but enjoyed the tranquility and picturesque view of the long lines of grape vines spreading out over the hills in front and to the side of us.

Had such a good time last night, just had to go back to restaurant again.  Walked across at 6.00pm only to see two buses parked outside.  You guessed it- not a spare inch inside.  Sadly headed back to Ziggy, opened up a bottle of our best white, turned on the iPod and conjured up a good curry – had a great night and thought about going across later to have a glass of wine – the rain came down again so that was the end of that.

Next morning our wine was delivered to our door by a little red truck (Door to door delivery) how good is that!  Packed up and left in the rain.

Our wine delivery

Definitely highly recommended, particularly on weekends – but be in the bar before 6pm to get a seat.


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  1. So envious…would love to travel thru Germany…all so beautiful.Just keep enjoying it all. Love to you both..thanks for the birthday wishes. XX

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