11/08/2017 Normandy Beaches

Wednesday 8th November

Another cold and wet day so fed the ducks and headed off again to yesterday’s coordinates.  The navigator, the driver and NAVIE all cross checked “to be sure, to be sure”.

Visited the WW2 bunkers at Longues sur Mer.  The tourism office here has closed for the winter (November to March) so we braved the elements and the hillside alone.  Here there were four well preserved bunkers complete with original heavy artillery guns.  The camp spot is located adjacent to the bunkers and sits on top of the hill overlooking the WW2 Normandy beaches but was very open and really windy with no protection so decided not to stay here.

German bunker on cliff top

Camp for tonight: Ferme de la Rouge Fosse, Englequeville La Percee

An hour or so later took us to this farm with six super, level, gravel camp spots each with large lawn plot beside – lawn that would make you proud to own at home with shrubs for privacy in between spots.  No wonder it is rated 8.8 and all for €5 including electricity.  Highly recommended and a great spot for overnight after viewing the WW2 Normandy landing beaches.

Our over night spot at “the farm”

The farm house itself was amazing.  Large enough to be classified as a Chateau.  Two storeys high with stone walls.  Outhouses the size of a normal home.  The barn itself was massive.  The farmer spoke a little English and told us he farmed grass and maize (corn).  Many tractor loads of grass and maize came in and out all day.

Thursday 9th November

Drove through light rain again today – with no signs of letting up.

Backtracked a couple of kms to the landing site at Omaha Beach.  Hard to imagine what happened here and along the miles of beaches as far as we could see. 

Monument in the sand at Omaha Beach – one of the D Day landing sites

Bus loads of tourists and school kids seem to follow us wherever we are.  The monument erected on the beach is really special.  We have seen bunker after bunker along all the miles of beachfront we have travelled.  Very moving to be on this beach.

A monument dedicated to the Americans at Omaha Beach

Camp for tonight:  Vuutoren Fermanville, Fermanville

Right on the edge of the ocean for the night

Wanted a water view so found this most magic spot at Fermanville.  Great little town but parts were only 2.3m wide in total.  Ziggy had to tighten the belt as she is 2.25 wide , so holding my  breath and only with the skills of my driver managed, with only an inch to spare to get through town.  So pleased nothing was coming the other way as I don’t think my driver would have been able to reverse out.

Up the hill to the lighthouse and just below it was a parking spot for several motorhomes.  Again here we were the only ones (guess the 2.3 metre road width would have scared most off).  Just like being at the top of Point Danger – ocean views for as far as you could see.  It was very windy so after a short walk around the headland, headed back to the front seats and took in the view in warmth and comfort.  

Parking but no camping

This sign above explains the rules regarding the difference between parking and camping – you are considered to be parking if there is nothing extending from your motorhome and therefore legal – however if you have any of the items shown in the lower image hanging off, next to or under your motorhome that is then classed as camping and is illegal, at this site. Wake up Australian LGA’s and State Governments.

Friday 10th November

Woke up around 1am with the wind howling outside.  Ziggy was gently rocking but my driver assured me all was good and he went back to sleep like a baby in a rocking bed.  I listened to him gently snoring and with that and the noise of the wind found it hard to sleep.

Morning did not come quickly enough.  We had three other motorhomes come through the night so we had company, all sharing the mighty wind.

Maybe a farm view for tonight would be good 😄.

Did not look forward to the trip back through town and held the breath again going through the narrow bits.

Soon we were back into the countryside.  The wind was still there and today we had the rare patches of sunlight (max 5 minutes at a time).  Had heard November was wet and windy in these parts – so true.

Arrived in the lovely town of Gavray and parked in the Aire which was right across the road from the Police Station.   Had planned to stay here for the night – quiet and safe.  Took only half an hour to walk around the town and with nothing else to do, decided to head off.

Our camp for tonight:  Aire Municipale, la Cucerne d’Outremer

Another little town but soon discovered there was less here than Gavray.  Beautiful Chateau next door which is now a restaurant and function Centre.  Apart from a bar (we were going to have a well deserved beer here – but it was closed), a restaurant, a hairdresser and town hall, there were only a few houses.

Back to Chateau La Ziggy for dinner and drinks and a beautiful, restful, calm night – well needed by the navigator.

The small Chateau next to our overnight spot


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  1. Wonderful ,My son and I spent ten days in Normandy last November.Thanks for the memories and good luck from Ireland….Joe,,,,1992 Hymer B654.

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