2018/06/11 – Germany – Glockenspiel, Frauenkirche, Karistor and Isator

Monday 11th June

Needed to get some spare parts for the window struts for Ziggy so Der Freistaat, Sulzemoos, was highly recommended by Gunnar and Anna.

Our campsite for tonight:  Der Freistaat, Sulzemoos (near Munich) – GPS 48.281799N   11.261300E

Certainly not tree or sea change but basic parking area for Mohos and caravans for up to three nights gratis.  Has services for small change.

This place is huge and has a sales showroom, shop with every conceivable thing you could wish for to deck out your new moho and spare parts.   Service areas for several Moho brands including Hymer.

The staff in the shop and service areas were absolutely fabulous and so helpful and spoke excellent English.  The service department provided us with two new struts for both the large windows which were becoming increasing difficult to stay open on their hinges.  Took about 15 minutes for us to replace both.

Stayed here for the night amongst a full car park of Mohos and again the tropical storm came in right on cue at 4pm.  Highly recommended as a stopover to replace parts and service.  This place is massive.

Tuesday – Thursday, 12th- 14th June

Our campsite for three nights: Allianz Arena, Munich – GPS 48.221851N   11.624720E

Allianz Arena at night

We had such a great time in Munich during a previous trip, decided to come back again. 

What a magic football stadium – the outer circular walls looking like a huge mass of bubbles and at night lit up a spectacular red.  Buses come and go all day bringing in eager football fans to do a tour of the stadium.

Great separate facility for motorhomes and each day fully packed out by late evening.

Rained the day we arrived and continued on all day and well into the next day so took advantage of the great wifi and waited for the weather to clear.  Did a walk around this great stadium but got a drenching so headed back to dry off.

Set off early next morning to the UBahn station located on the other side of the stadium.  Only a 15 minute brisk walk around the stadium or shorter if you cut through the stadium (only possible during opening hours).

Marienplatz – looking towards the New Town Hall & Glockenspiel

Picked up a Tage ticket (day ticket) for around €12.60 for both of us which gave us free travel on several types of transport until 6am following morning.    Took the U6 line and 11 short stops later arrived at Marienplatz – right in the heart of Old Town Square.

Another view of the New Town Hall in Marienplatz

The square was abuzz with tourists and there was a queue at the tourist office there to pick up info on things to see and do.

Started with the Glockenspiel (or Carillon which it is now called) in the tower of the New Town Hall which attracted a square jam packed with spectators at 11am, 12 noon and 5pm.

A close up of the Gllockenspiel

The New Gothic Style Town Hall built during 1867-1909 is the most spectacular and is only one amongst so many wonderful structures around the square – Marienplatz rates highly in our top ten squares in Europe.

A view of Karistor

Spent six hours walking the streets.  There are so many stunning churches in this part of the world and we thoroughly enjoyed going through the Frauenkirche Cathedral, St Peters Church (stunning interior), St Michaels Church and the Theatiner Church.

Most of the streets in centre of the Old Town are designated Pedestrian Only areas making it easy to get around trouble free – Literally hundreds of shops line these streets.

The two separate entrance Gates to the Old City built in the 14th century – Karistor and Isartor are decorated with colourful frescos and are imposing entrances to a magic Old Town.

 So many more places that we visited that should be mentioned but are not as there is not enough room to mention them all.

Could not resist a litre or two of beer and a Weiner Schnitzel at the Hofbrauhas – a real icon and a must do while in Munich.  

Looking towards the Hofbrauhaus

The traditional Bavarian band set the scene as waiters dressed in lederhosen and serving maids dressed in traditional German gear served stein after stein of beer (sometimes three steins in each hand) to the hundreds in the beer hall – what a hoot!. We ate lunch here in 1978 and it is still just as impressive, even though a tad expensive.

Nothing like a litre of dunkel Bier in the Hofbrauhaus

The Viktualienmarkt just outside the Old City was a diners delight with street after street offering everything and anything you could want to eat with table and chairs in outside areas set up under shady trees.

The location of the campsite and its proximity to the UBarn made the visit to Munich so easy.

Friday – Saturday, 15-16th June

Our campsite for two nights:  Waldbad, Gunzburg – GPS 48.462791N   10.269360E

This is basically a swimming and water park set in acres of forest trees with large expanses of lush green lawn where people lie in the sun after swimming or enjoying the water slides.  Beach volleyball courts and areas large enough to kick a football are also within this park.  Bit cold for us to swim in but lots of the moho people here took advantage.

Entry gate to Gunzburg

The community has set up this beautiful little spot for several Mohos where there is only a wire fence between us and the Waldbad – such a serene view and so very quiet given the water activities which are quite a way in the distance.

Gunzburg street scene

Gunzburg is only a ten minute walk from the campsite, and also a bike path runs by the campsite and leads into the Old Town which is quite hilly in the town area itself.   Had to leave the bikes at the entry to the Mall which is “Pedestrian Only area” and enjoyed the short but beautiful Main Street here – again dotted with restaurants where the locals filled the tables.

Walked the bikes until out of the hilly village and took a path running along the Danube which was not as pretty and mostly gravel so gave up after about an hour and returned back to our lovely setting in the forest.   Many of the bikini clad maidens stayed until the sun went down.  The driver commented on the wonderful eye candy  – bet he was not the only one.

Had two great nights enjoying an outside BBQ using our Cadac, which has been fabulous to use.  The sun does not disappear until around 9pm here so there is lots of outside time to be enjoyed sipping wine, eating and listening to our iPod music.  The salmon was super delicious – that is something coming from this navigator who is not a real lover of fish.  Wrapped in alfoil, coated with a light oil, onion rings and tomato slices and gently cooked and turned for several minutes – yummy!

This place is very popular and was full by early afternoon with extra Mohos parked outside the gates overnight.

Sunday 17th June

The roads and auto barns are super and we pass by those continuing rolling green hills and farm land.  It makes every day seem like a trip into the country where you end up feeling on top of the world and refreshed.

Our campsite for tonight:  Stadhalle, Riedlingen – GPS 48.151699N  9.478080E

This is just a gratis parking area but right beside the Danube again (smaller tributary though) where there is a bike path again to explore.

Saw lots of people coming from a particular direction so thought it might be markets.  We walked right bang smack into a the annual Fish Festival where the Schwabische Altback Musikanten band of 10 or so horn players entertained the crowd while cooks treated the crowd to meals of fresh trout and Zander fillets (was a fish festival after all).

Riedlingen Fire Brigade House

When in Rome – so again this non fish loving navigator had to try the Zander – highly recommended by my driver.  Was delicious with the German made potato salad adding the extras.

Riedlingen architecture

Sat with a lovely family of three and engaged in a total German conversation.   Here in Germany we rarely come across someone who does not speak English.  Most that do speak English want to practice their English on us so we speak German and they speak English – very amusing but it is what makes our trip so worthwhile – the people.

Riedlingen street scene

In this area (Baden Wurttenberg) many people speak Schwabisch which is a special German dialect which other German speakers may not necessarily understand.

Waddled out after a couple of beers and lunch into the Old Town which is a short walk across a small bridge.  With each corner we came across another set of delightfully restored three storey Bavarian style buildings.    Being Sunday not a lot was open except of course restaurants and ice cream parlours.  Everyone was enjoying these sweet treats but lunch left us too full to even contemplate one.

Riedlingen architecture

Back to Ziggy where we chatted with our German neighbour.  An old man travelling alone after losing his wife a few years back.  Loves the travel and meeting people.  Said it was his only option now since losing his wife – how sad for him but he said  – better to travel than to just sit and wait for his time to go.

Only had room for a glass of wine before lights out and slept like a baby.


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