2018/08/06 – Getting closer to the Pied Piper – but not there yet

Monday 6th August 2018:

Wanted to stay at the Stellplatz in Wilhelmshohe but it was closed with the whole parking area now under re construction.   Using our NAVIE we found a carpark a little further up the hill which was almost directly opposite the entrance to Bergpark Wilhelmshohe, home to Schloss Wilhelmshohe a late 18th century palace. 

The Schloss

This is a huge park of rainforests, castles and ruins, fountains and grottoes, statues and water features.   We spent a really wonderful couple of hours exploring this park. 

There are tours offered to visit the palace where several buildings have been turned into museums of fine art.  It is not open everyday (closed today of course) but the gardens and whole park is open and free to just wander through at any time.  From the castle you get a fine view of the statue of Hercules high on the hill a few kms away.  We ventured about halfway there but as it was so hot, decided to go back to Ziggy to see if we could get closer by car.

Looking from the Schloss up to the statue of Hercules on top of the Pyramid

There is a huge car park there and soon we found our way to the statue.  A small entry fee of around €3 takes you through and up a million steps through the castle ruins to a terrace just below the statue offering a spectacular view to the city of Kassel.  Another steep narrow spiral staircase takes you to the bottom of the statue.

View from inside the Hercules Pyramid looking back towards the Schloss

Really a must do in the area, as the Bergpark Castle and gardens and the Hercules statue were truly amazing.

Our campsite for tonight:  Wohnmobil Stellplatz Am Wesertein, Hann. Munden – GPS N51.420368. E648620

What a surprise package this town was. 

The Stellplatz is part of a huge carpark on the edge of the Weser River with an area in the middle dedicated for Mohos.  This area was in full sun so like many other Mohos, we found a spot under shady trees designated for cars. 

View of the Old Town from the foot bridge

An old pedestrian bridge took us to the Aldstadt (The Old Town) just across the river where we were treated to street after cobbled stoned street of Fachwerk (half timber) houses all freshly painted in different colours and beautifully restored. 

Old Town street

The Main Street again offering numerous restaurants and Italian Eis cream cafes where for around €7 you could indulge in an ice cream masterpiece.  Have been tempted – but the problem I have is deciding which to have!

Oops – watch out – here comes another bicycle tour group

The Weser River is no match for it’s big sisters Mosel and Rhine but through this town it cascades over small waterfalls and we watched many canoeists and swimmers enjoying the cool water.

Tuesday 7th August

Our campsite for tonight:  Badeparadies Eisweise, Gottingen – GPS N51.523151.   E9.930640

A small but busy Stellplatz that filled very quickly by lunchtime.  It is set right beside the indoor and outdoor swimming complex where we literally watched hundreds upon hundreds of people coming in all day.  Even under the shady trees the temperature was in the mid to high thirties.


Couldn’t get any energy up to attempt a walk into town so just sat and tried to stay cool.   There is a great Greek restaurant right at the entrance to the swimming complex and an Italian only 100 metres away but neither of us could even think about food.  Even by bedtime around 11pm  it was still in the mid thirties so a good peaceful night’s sleep didn’t happen.

Typical Gottingen architecture

Wednesday & Thursday 8th & 9th August

Really wanted to see this renowned University town as early as possible so walked the km+ walk into town.

Three great churches in the centre but couldn’t get the right distance to take pictures.  Visited the Ganseliesel (little goose statue), the symbol of this town located in the Markt square.  She is hailed locally as the most kissed woman in the world. 

Lots of interesting Fachwerk houses were scattered throughout the centre but we found it didn’t have the same feel as some of the smaller villages we have visited.

Still really hot so sauntered back to Ziggy and moved on.

Our campsite for two nights:  Landhotel Zum Anker, Wahlsburg – GPS N51.624432.   E9.552230

Lovely shady spot on the Weser river.  Long lines of huge trees offered shade for nearly everyone though some Mohos still sat out in the searing heat.

The hotel was a treat with large outside shaded areas where we enjoyed a fabulous meal.  We watched the little ferry taking the local cars and bikes across the river.  There are many of these along this river with very few vehicular bridges in between.  No one seems to pay when they board so guess it is provided gratis by the community.

All types of vehicles can be seen around here like this one which even has a mezzanine floor

We are in the country now and apart from the river and the small village behind, there are fields of crops and farms with horses, geese and even llama that come right to the fence line.

There are some really great bikeways along the Weser so decided to take off the bikes and explore some of the nearby villages.  Sat at every opportunity for some iced water and shade until late afternoon when the dark clouds appeared and then with the sound of thunder shortly thereafter, turned on the batteries and scooted the 10kms back home at a much faster rate than normal.

The rain was cooling but the lack of wiper blades on the glasses, didn’t help the visibility.   Got back just as the really heavy rain started.

One of the many ferry crossings linking villages

The temperature dropped from 32 degrees when we got home to a cool 25 degrees in less than an hour and remained at that for the rest of the night – so wonderful to be cool after about 4 weeks of sweltering conditions.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday  10th-13th August

Our campsite for two nights:  Flossplatz Hoxter – GPS N51.773689.   E9.387150

Again on the Weser with the village just across a small bridge.

Just when we thought we had seen it all – the village square is just a picture.  Some of the best Fachwerk houses are located along the Main Street and the Cathedral with the twin spires is awesome.

Hoxter architecture

The temperatures have stayed in the low to mid twenties and we are relishing the cool conditions.  We even put on a jacket to sit outside and enjoy our steak on the BBQ with a good red until the sun disappeared.

So lovely to wake up to a cool day and not having to be mindful to select a campsite in the shade.  Decided to stay here another night or two.

More Hoxter architecture – just love it

Headed off on the bikes after breakfast to explore Schloss Welterbe Corvey only a few kms away.  The bikeway was wide and easy and picturesque.  Today part of the Schloss was set up with a floral and art display and as we arrived at the entrance we were greeted with hundreds of cars and bikes parked in the large grounds.

Entrance to Schloss Welterbe Corvey

Another UNESCO world heritage site, this castle is similar to Wilhelmshohe – a low three storey structure spread over acres with its own dual spired church and stables and outhouses set in beautifully manicured lawns and gardens.

Had a race with a horse and carriage on the way back.  They let us pass and soon they were hot on our heels – it was fun to hear the horses hooves so close clattering along the roadway and we could almost feel the hot breath from the horses as they were so close.

Back through the town and then followed the river to a series of canals where every spare space on the waters edge was taken up with campsites.

The ride was really enjoyable today in the cooler temperatures  so took our time exploring before heading back to another well cooked BBQ by my driver  (chef extraordinaire).

Felt a bit adventurous this morning so cycled down through Boffzen, Furstenberg and stopped for refreshments in Wehrden.

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  1. Hi you lucky travelers ……how on earth are you going to settle down in suburbia……..just love reading about your experiences. Eye sight much the same for Ramsay, but have a couple of weeks spell from driving up to Southport so may go down to Forster to see our great grandsons for a change drive south instead of north. Keep on enjoying your wonderful holiday. Cheers, Barb

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